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Vendici is a wealth management team within AIA comprising over 100 members. They promote a healthy work-life balance, emphasizing the importance of both hard work and enjoyment.

The Challenge

The client is seeking innovative and trendy marketing strategies to attract talent and expand their team. 

Strategy & Execution

  • Our team believes that building a strong brand for the client's wealth management team can differentiate them from competitors and effectively communicate their unique value proposition. This can create a positive perception in the minds of their target audience, leading to increased trust, loyalty, and business opportunities. Our goal is to establish a clear and distinctive identity for the team, making them more recognizable and memorable to potential clients and talent.

  • Therefore, we have branded the client's wealth management team and established an Instagram account for the brand.

  • We take a trendy approach to managing their Instagram account. Our team conducts extensive research to keep the account up-to-date, including creating custom Instagram filters to promote their team and developing a content calendar for reels content when the feature was gaining popularity.

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Video Shooting

Event Video & Photo Shooting


  • The client has successfully recruited additional team members and expanded their team.

  • We are seeing an increasing number of wealth management companies approaching us to use the same approach for their own teams.


Instagram Management

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