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Influence Campaign

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Birdie is a Hong Kong mobile service provider that offers fast and reliable SIM card solutions for travellers and residents. Their user-friendly mobile app and 24/7 customer support make managing services easy. Committed to affordability and convenience, Birdie provides top-quality mobile services to meet diverse needs.

The Challenge

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Media Buy

The client is searching for a professional marketing firm to promote their travel SIM, in preparation for the border reopening after Covid.

Strategy & Execution

After conducting a thorough analysis of the target audience, the team has devised a comprehensive marketing plan that combines online and offline strategies to maximise exposure and reach cost-effective results.

To enhance online presence, we have executed an influencer campaign in collaboration with high-profile influencers who possess a significant number of followers. This has helped to expand our reach to specific demographics and interests, while also boosting the credibility and authenticity of the client's brand.

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Road Show

In addition, we have implemented media buying with media outlets that cater to the same target audience. This approach increases brand awareness and recognition, while also enabling us to select media channels that align with the client's brand values and image.

To bolster offline marketing, our team has organised a roadshow in various high-traffic areas throughout Hong Kong. Free 2-day SIM cards were distributed to create product awareness among potential customers who may not be familiar with the brand. Direct customer interaction at the roadshow allowed for the building of relationships with customers and gathering of valuable feedback. By providing free samples, we have also encouraged customers to make purchases, thereby driving increased sales and revenue for the business.


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Influence Campaign

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