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Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (TWGHs) is a leading charitable organization in Hong Kong, established in 1870. It offers affordable healthcare, education, social services, and cultural support to the community. TWGHs operates hospitals, clinics, schools, elderly homes, community centers, and rehabilitation centers. It also provides services for people with special needs and works to promote social harmony and inclusiveness. With over 150 years of experience, TWGHs is a trusted and respected organization that addresses social issues and improves the well-being of the community.

The Challenge

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Video Edit

The client is seeking a youthful marketing team to promote their concept of combining healthy living practices to aid in post-COVID body healing.

Strategy & Execution

The team has chosen to use a PR campaign to promote healthy information for clients, following the identification of the target audience. 

Prior to reaching out to the media, high-quality video content was created to attract and engage with the audience. 

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Media Buy

Building relationships with journalists and other media professionals was then prioritised to secure media coverage and increase exposure for the client.

Facebook ads were placed based on specific demographics, interests, behaviours, and geographic location to ensure the ads are seen by the appropriate audience, thus increasing the chances of success.



We have successfully been reported by several news reports featuring the client's health information and staff from the client have also been invited as a guest on a radio program to talk about it.

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